1 Credit Internships

1 Credit Internships, also known as Professional Development Experiences (PDE), are a unique alternative to 4 or 8 credit internships which allow students to complete a shorter assignment with separate deadlines.


Please note that students will pay the cost of the 1 credit earned.


Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer
Registration Deadline: November 22nd or 1st day of internship, whichever comes first April 10th or 1st day of internship, whichever comes first July 30th or 1st day of internship, whichever comes first
Internship Start Date: Must fall within September 6th – December 13th Must fall within January 16th – April 24th Must fall within May 21st – August 14th
Internship End Date: December 13th April 24th August 14th


Career Services recommends that PDE’s be completed by students in their Second or Third year with the best time for completion being the Summer between semesters.

Requirements for Internship Experience:

  • Internship must last a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • Internship must be a minimum of 50 hours total
  • Must fall within start and end dates of the semester (Summer 2017 starts between May 22-24 and ends before August 13)

Eligibility Requirements:

Students must have…

  • Completed at least 2 semester of college, at least one semester at Emerson.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.7

Approval Process:

Step 1: Identify an internship that is willing to provide a 1-credit Professional Development Experience. These are internships that provide credit and meet the Requirements for Internship Experience.

Step 2: Fill out the online Learning Agreement & Proposal Form. In order for this form to be completed, students must obtain signatures from the PDE supervisor, Gian Lombardo.


How to Complete the Learning Agreement & Proposal Form (LionHire):

  • Sign into LionHire. If you have not changed your username or password, the username will be your Emerson email and your password will be your Emerson ID (with a capital E).
  • Access “My Account” and verify your contact and academic information.
  • Click “Internship Credit Approval Process” to access your Learning Agreement & Proposal Form.
  • Select the correct Internship Term with the drop-down menu and enter your Internship information.
  • Provide Career Services with your PDE & Internship Proposal & Goals by following the questions asked. Provide NO LESS than 300 words (the more specific and detailed you can be the better). If you do not meet these requirements, you will be asked to re-write your proposal.
  • Make sure all information is accurate and submit.

Please monitor your Learning Agreement & Proposal form to make sure it is completed in advance of the internship registration deadlineIt is your responsibility to make sure your Learning Agreement is completed on time.


Step 3: Students must enroll in the 1-credit PDE course and pay tuition prior to beginning their PDE.

You cannot register for the course until you are contacted by Career Services (the course is not available via eCommon). Our office will provide information for registration and payment once your Learning Agreement has been submitted. Please review undergraduate and graduate cost per credit information.


DISCLAIMER: PDE’s are not available for those participating in the ELA program during Fall & Spring semesters. LA County PDE’s are only available in the Summer.