Nancy Valev ’15

When Nancy graduated in May 2015, she was working part-time with Bustle covering lifestyle. Their work environment, content, and feminist angle were a great fit for her and it provided Nancy with an outlet to explore her passions and creativity within her writing. Recently, Bustle created a new Branded Content Coordinator position, which Nancy had subsequently been offered and accepted. With this new role, she transitioned into a full-time member of the Bustle team.

Nancy describes working in branded content as “not quite editorial and not quite marketing, it falls somewhere in between”. Working with clients, she brings together a variety of content to promote their brand on the site while still maintaining Bustle’s own brand and voice.

With this being a brand new position, it brings with it a unique set of challenges. Nancy went on to explain that the role is continuously evolving causing her to delve into a little bit of everything and figure out the direction of her work as she goes along. As the branded content continues to grow, Nancy ends up doing a little bit of everything from writing articles and going on photo shoots to brainstorming strategy with clients. It requires her to wear several different hats, something she has become used to thanks to her time at Emerson. As a student, she switched her major several different times and participated in clubs that were not always specific to what she was studying. As long as she had a passion for it, Nancy was motivated to succeed. Her time at Bustle has been no different. As difficult as shaping a new role may be, Nancy has a passion for what she does and loves the company she works for both of which have equipped her to take on such a challenge with great success.

Interested in learning more about Bustle? Stop by their booth at our Internship Fair next Tuesday or attend their on-campus Lunch and Learn next Wednesday for more info!

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