Yukiha Maruyama ’16

Yukiha Maruyama graduated from Emerson last May with a Masters in Health Communication. Shortly after, she landed a job as a UX Designer for 451 Marketing. Landing a job right after graduation is no easy feat, especially when you are an international student. However, Yukiha rose to the challenge and now works with a great team at 451.

As a UX Designer, Yukiha focuses on customer experience. It is a very human centered role aimed at understanding consumer attitudes and behavior and finding the ways to best meet their needs. The day-to-day varies between user research, brand planning, design and testing. She has a passion for creating designs that support positive behavior change and using technology to create useful and engaging experiences for consumers. She describes the work as fun, unique, and ever changing.

In her time at Emerson, Yukiha made sure to take advantage of the networking opportunities she had been presented with. Connecting with faculty and alumni in the industry, Yukiha discovered the experience design world. Keeping in touch with those in the marketing industry, she was guided to her current position at 451 Marketing. “Emerson did a lot for me” said Yukiha, citing Jessica Chance, one of our Career Counselors as a great support for her throughout her graduate career. Between her Emerson experience and her passions for health communication and UX design, she has certainly achieved success in the beginning of her career.

Interested in working for 451 Marketing? Check out their current listing for Spring Interns here!

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