Michael Geneseo ’98

Michael Geneseo graduated from Emerson in 1998 with a degree in Print Journalism. From there his career path took several turns until he ended up where he is today as a Senior Account Executive for Broadreach PR.

When Michael first graduated from Emerson he spent 7 years working in the restaurant industry. He started out as a bartender and then moved into restaurant and nightclub management. At the end of those 7 years, he used a variety of the skills he learned in restaurant management (customer service, business, and PR & advertising, just to name a few) and applied them to a new role at TD Bank. He spent 3 years at TD Bank, and then his career path took him to a small design firm. At this firm he learned more about advertising, graphic design, and social media as marketers were beginning to adopt. He was in a position where he got to work to help the firm grow. Then applying those skills, Michael was able to line up some work as a Freelance Art Director/Copywriter. This is how he got his current job at Broadreach Public Relations. While freelancing (and job searching) Michael met the founder of Broadreach PR and was hired to do some copywriting for them. This eventually developed into him taking on his current full time position.

While it may not seem like the typical path one would take in order to reach a Senior Account Executive position, Michael shares that everything he’s learned along the way he can contribute to his role. Going all the way back to Emerson, Michael relays that skills such as being able to cut through the noise and know what is big enough to hit the news were crucial in succeeding in his current position. His favorite part of the job is working with tight deadlines and crisis communication, spinning the negatives into a positive, a skill that any one of his previous positions could have contributed to. He’s taken everything he’s learned in his time at Emerson and the years after and built a foundation on which to succeed.

So what kind of tips does Michael have for upcoming seniors? His advice is three-fold:

  1. If you are looking to go into PR, focus on your writing. Learn to write, learn to present well, and make sure you can write for different media.
  2. Supplement your education with practical application: internships, apprenticeships, or jobs. Take the pay cut if you can. Real world experience is a value you can’t underestimate and it is an investment in your future.
  3. Be very selective about your internships. Find somewhere with a formalized program. And don’t underestimate the power of a smaller company. Smaller companies provide more exposure.

Did you know Broadreach Public Relations is one of our Partner Employers? Check out their page here!

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