The Office of Career Services at Emerson College has partnered with Tethered by Letters. This partnership aims to help Emerson students acquire an internship each summer, fall, and winter.

Career Services and TBL will work together to ensure chosen interns earn college credit and recognition the need to continue one’s education or pursue a publishing career. The TBL staff is happy to write letters of recommendation for hardworking interns and to guide and advise students in reaching their publishing, writing, and editing goals.


A minimum of ten students must apply from your school
for the internship position to be guaranteed.

The Application Process

Register with your university email address

To apply for the Emerson College guaranteed internship spot, please be sure to register for online TBL membership with your school email address. If you are already a registered member and did not sign up using your school email address, please contact Leah Scott, our Education Director.

Submit reference information prior to submitting your application

Contact information for your referrer(s) should be emailed to Leah Scott before you submit your application, as we contact them on your behalf. We ask that you email this information NO LATER than a month before the application deadline so your referrer has time to write and submit a letter of recommendation. If your letter is not received by the final deadline, your application will not be considered.

Get involved with TBL

TBL will consider only the most dedicated applicants to fill the position. We therefore ask all applicants to showcase an involved and engaging presence in our online community.

There are three ways to prove to the selection committee that you’re passionate about writing, editing, and publishing for our organization:

  • Site Activity: Familiarize yourself with TBL. Browse our Writer’s Resource Center. Comment on online publications. Join forum conversations. These activities will display your knowledge and insight on writing as a craft as well as help us understand your ability to engage with stories stories, encourage and mentor other writers, and show a strong passion for the written word.
  • Submit for Publication: Submitting is a wonderful way to showcase your writing skills. All works submitted to our publications will be considered in addition to your application. Although we love big submissions (who doesn’t want to get paid to publish with F(r)iction?), submitting to smaller publications (like our group-writing projects) are also encouraged.
  • Like, Follow, Share: Tethered by Letters hosts a number of active social media pages, including Facebook and Twitter. We highly regard prospective interns capable of engaging with our followers.

When we review your application, we will take all of these additional elements into account. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

Good luck!

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