As a student worker at Emerson College Career Services, I am constantly exposed to new and exciting internship opportunities (which I might add, are easily found through CareerBuzz). 826 Boston personally caught my eye as a successful nationwide non-profit organization. Like most WLP’s I’m looking for an internship that caters to all parts of my major, and 826 does just that. As a non-profit youth writing and publishing organization, 826 Boston as a company empowers traditionally underserved students ages 6-18 to find their voices, tell their stories, and gain communication skills to succeed in school and in life. To do so, the company provides after-school tutoring, field trips, creative writing workshops, in-school tutoring, help for English Language Learners, and in-depth publishing projects. Getting involved with 826 means that you’re getting incredible experience in creative arts education, learning about the day-to-day operations of a small non-profit, and joining the network of 826 chapters while building job skills, advancing your resume, and acquiring excellent references. This all peaked my curiosity bringing me to sign up for today’s Info Session.

Coming to the session I had with me a notebook, a copy of my resume and a handful of questions in regards to 826 Boston’s available internships. The session outlined to attendees (and now you) the origins of the company, recent work and publications and concluded with important information in regards to the current internship opportunities available. 826 Boston has for over 15 years been publishing annual student collections like I’m a Flame You Can’t Put Out. During the session, a brief film featuring a chorus of lines recited from the collection was brought up for viewing. After watching this clip, I found myself inspired and taking note of the authenticity of 826 Boston. Following this film, we then discussed the internship opportunities which are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the spring, summer and fall terms. The internships require 16 hours per week and are unpaid with the opportunity for academic credit. We were informed that 826 wants to work with its interns and are flexible with shifts that typically range from two eight-hour shifts or four half shifts (or a mix of the two!). What I took from this, 826 wants students to be excited about what their doing and comfortable with their place in the company in addition to their schedule. I left this session excited to start my cover letter and begin the application process for 826 Boston!

(Fun fact, 826 Boston’s name comes from its original address at “826 Valencia St”) ☺

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