In case you’ve been daydreaming… SURPRISE! 🎈

There are less than 72 hours until the Internship Fair.

Don’t worry! You have just enough time to prepare. Here are some suggestions:

Day One: Consider Prospects & Prioritize

While you’re reviewing the positions available on Career Buzz, think about:

  • What am I looking to learn? / Where would I like to improve?
  • What will the employer offer me?
  • How can I contribute to this company?
  • What excites me about this position? / What might be challenging for me?
  • Which employers care about the same values as I do?
  • Is this opportunity realistic given time/ location constraints?

Overwhelmed? Spend some time prioritizing- which employers fit your requirements?

Day Two: Review & Prepare Materials

Research, research, research! Then, create a cheat sheet with important information or questions you want to ask. At the fair, you can keep this stashed away and reference it as needed.

Check out the map on Career Buzz to figure out where employers will be located, too. This will help you plan your time at the fair.

Review your resume to check for spelling/ grammar errors. (Bribe your friends, mail person, barista, or your fifth cousin into taking a look, too. There’s no such thing as too many eyes!) Once that’s all set, print some to bring to the fair. You’ll want to give one to each employer.

Check your closet for business casual clothes and shoes.


Develop your 30 second pitch and practice until it feels comfortable. Include:

  • Who are you? (Name, major, company knowledge),
  • What is your background? (Education, experience, skills),
  • What are you looking for?

Don’t forget that we’re here for you! We have walk-in hours from 1-3pm, so stop by if you’d like some input on your pitch or a confidence boost! 👍

Day Three: THE FAIR

You made it to fair day! Congratulations!

Gather everything you’ve prepared and check it over again. Pack a water bottle, two pens and some paper, your resumes, a place to put employers’ contact information, your cheat sheet, and an overstuffed backpack of CONFIDENCE!

At the fair, talk with employers just like you practiced. Use your pitch, offer your resume, and develop genuine connections. Don’t forget to grab their contact information so you can follow up later and be sure to shake their hand. You got this!

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