LinkedIn gets a bad reputation, but it’s actually a pretty useful tool. Especially for the tech-savvy, it’s a fun way to get involved in your career planning. Okay, maybe “fun” is a strong word, but it’s still better than other things you have to do, like file taxes or empty the garbage.

[1] “LinkedIn is only for business people” is just a myth.

Anyone can use LinkedIn, no matter what your major is. People from every industry use it, and there are plenty of groups/ professional associations to follow from each one. Even better than that, it allows you to represent multimedia projects on your profile. This can add more dimension to what many people consider an online version of your resume.

[2] LinkedIn is basically social media dressed up in party clothes.

The LinkedIn that exists today is not the website you may remember from a year or two ago. After a recent re-design, it’s become more user-friendly. It looks and feels more like your other social media sites, too. You can like, share, or comment on posts, and your updates come in a news feed format.

LinkedIn is different from social media just because it’s a place to showcase only your professional side. Instead of hating how professional it is, think about how much better it is that you can still take selfies and share cat videos on other social media without sacrificing your professional image.

[3] LinkedIn= Networking & Networking= More Opportunities.

LinkedIn is one of the easiest ways to network with people. It’s easy to search for alumni, professors, classmates, friends, supervisors, mentors, or other networking contacts that you meet. It’s fast, global, and mobile friendly, since there are a number of apps associated with it.

To find out why networking matters, check out our guide here. Networking is best way to get your name out there and make connections with people who can help you land jobs!

[4] Plus, it’s not JUST networking.

There are a number of groups to join, influencers to follow, alumni and company pages, learning opportunities, and a job search tool. It’s packed with different ways to establish yourself professionally (and yes, that’s all part of the free version!)

Get Started:

Check out this article and this LinkedIn guide to get started, or come in to the office to meet with your career counselor for more tips and tricks!

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