Everyone always tells you that job searching is tough and finding your first job out of college is even tougher. As a graduating senior, I can definitely attest to that fact. We are all super busy just trying to make it to graduation and it can be incredibly difficult to send out job applications on top of our already hectic schedules. That’s why I was so excited to attend “Hacking the Job Search” on April 19th and learn more about temping. Here’s a recap in case you missed it!

Temping offers a lot of flexibility and can be a great way to earn an income until your dream job comes along. Temp jobs can be for a day or they can last for a few months; whatever works best for you. This is why they are so great for recent grads! Not only do they offer a lot of experience, but once you are ready to accept that perfect job offer, you don’t have to feel committed to another position.

Most of the jobs available are administrative, which is great, because employers are always looking for candidates who have experience working in an office. A temp job is also a good way to try out a lot of different industries, so if you are still unsure about what you’d like to pursue post grad, these can really help you explore.

The representative from Monument Staffing was Megan Fulton who is an Emerson alum. She specializes in administrative positions and has openings available in healthcare, finance, technology, and higher education. If you think a temp job might be the right next step for you, you can send her an inquiry email with your resume at mfulton@monumentstaffing.net. And don’t worry, this is a free service. I already asked!

All in all, temping, at least for the upcoming summer, is a great option to consider if you are a graduating senior. It offers flexibility, experience, and most importantly, a pay check, so how can you go wrong?