Big news for aspiring writers and VMA professionals: The Writer’s Guild of America reached an agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers Tuesday morning. The negotiations mark a step in the right direction for current and aspiring members of the Guild as they ensure protection of writers’ benefits and an expansion of members’ current health care plans.

Writers were also awarded with higher-paid residuals in addition to a new precedent for episodic fees (episode fees now cover 2.4 weeks of work with any additional time requiring additional payment).

Stakes were high since negotiations started as members of the WGA first threatened a strike akin to that of 2007’s WGA Strike. For a bit of perspective, a strike like this would have resulted in major slow-downs throughout studio development with late-night variety shows suffering the most.

Overall, this is a huge step for Emerson Alumns involved with the WGA and for those looking to join the association.
The WGA continues to offer protective rights for those involved in television and film. Emerson students are encouraged to register their creative materials with the WGA.

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