David Alan Basche is no stranger to Emerson College. Having graduated in 1990, David has spent the past few years giving back to his alma mater with expert advice to students in LA and NYC in addition to his recent request for Emerson students on the set of his new project, EGG.

David Alan Basche ’90

A brief glance at David’s career shows the level of his expertise as he’s worked in front of the camera with directors like Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese as well as behind the camera on feature films such as 2016’s Equity starring his wife, Alysia Reiner (Orange is the New Black) and distributed by Sony Pictures Classics. He’s also served as a series regular on several television series including TV Land’s The Exes where he starred alongside actors like Wayne Knight (Seinfeld) and Donald Faison (Scrubs).

Basche has made it his prerogative to give back to Emerson as he sees the value in providing students with the perspective of professionals involved in the industry whether it applies to finding their next job or understanding exactly how the industry works, offering the perspective of both an actor and a producer.

His new project, EGG, is co-produced by his wife Alysia Reiner in addition to the former president of Comedy Central, Michele Ganeless (known for her work on shows like Broad City and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart). It’s a black comedy telling riffing on the idea of family and motherhood through unconventional yet humorous means. As the plot summary reads:

When fearless conceptual artist Tina and her passive-aggressive feminist husband invite her eight-months-pregnant art school rival (with her power-hungry, new money husband) to their loft in the Bronx for Ethiopian food…they surprise them with Tina’s new work-in-progress: a radical alternative to motherhood. But when their sensuous, non-traditional surrogate arrives in short shorts, the truth outs and the patriarchy fights to hang on by its teeth.

You can learn more about David Alan Basche by visiting his website or viewing the recap of his visit at ELA.

Click here for more information about David’s Film Production Internship.

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