In one whirlwind of a day, you’re in meetings, working on projects and productions, managing life, and building on that very important aspect of your life: your career.

If you follow Emerson College via social media and receive Emerson emails, you may wonder in what way you can work with us, whether it’s for your own career, or for helping current students. We’ve taken the time to provide you with some topics alumni are usually interested in when looking to engage our current students. Check out our topics and their frequently asked questions!:

You Want To See More Emerson Folks!

Q: “I want my company to hire more Emerson interns, even fill some full time openings we might have and I know they’re interested as well. How can I get this going and who do I talk to?”

A: #HireALion!

Throughout the year it’s great to hear from alumni who are eager to support not only their company, but fellow Emersonians who are looking for internships or jobs. Via Handshake, our career platform, we invite you to reach out to us with the position, and a little bit about you and your organization. Also, feel free to use our hashtag #HireALion, one of the many ways we make sure Emerson remains on the map with our employers.


You’re Curious About Being a Mentor

Q: “I’m interested in becoming a career mentor for current students. How can I get involved?

A: Stay tuned!

Career Services is currently reviewing its mentoring platform to ensure that the best service is rolled out for making connections. Our office should have an update on this process soon but, for now, contact if you’re interested in being notified about mentoring opportunities!


You’re On The Hunt for YOUR Next Gig

Q: “I’m job searching again but feeling a little stuck and could really use some help. Are there any services for alumni?”

A: Alumni Career Services

Absolutely. Whether it’s career transitioning, preparing for a job interview, setting up informational interviews or just getting your resume looked at, we’re here to make sure that alum have the tools for career management. We also provide webinars, one on one appointments and work with regional alumni networks for industry related events.


More Ways To Give Back

Q: “I really want to give back by connecting with more students and helping them. What are some ways I can do that?”

A: Additional Ways to Be A Career Partner

Maybe you’re interested in visiting a class, holding an info session at career services, or even a site visit where you work. Feel free to reach out with questions and suggestions and we’re happy to explore all of the options!

Keep in touch! Email us at or give us a call 617-824-8586.

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