A couple weeks ago, we shared the news that Gerry Garvin was retiring from Career Services. First, we’d like to thank the extended friends of Career Services who have contacted Gerry and our office to wish her the best. But now we’d like to get to the real bread and butter of this post: Just who is replacing Gerry?

We’re proud to introduce you to Katharine Privert, our interim career counselor covering areas in business, journalism, marketing, communication sciences & disorders, communication studies, and writing & publishing. Students who originally saw Gerry can currently make an appointment with Kate to cover any career-related topic.

But let’s give some background on Kate:

She’s no stranger to Emerson College Career Services – Kate worked here not too long ago first as a support staff approving jobs and internships and then moved to a more employer relations-heavy role. Kate has a background in media and advertising as she worked at both Fox & Hill Holliday in an advertising-related role.

She is passionate about higher education, specifically career services, because it is through our work that, as she puts it, “students realize how to make their dreams a reality.” This is what excites her the most about the job as she wishes to contribute her own voice to the “important, amazing, and exciting work here.”

As Kate believes, the path to any career has its own “rain and bumps,” and troubles which, as a member of Career Services, we are meant to smooth and guide students along.

In addition to working in higher education, Kate loves to travel with her favorites trips having been a visit to Prince Edward Island along with vacations in Canada and Rome. She also has two kids, a six-year old named Ellis and an almost 2-year-old named Zoey.

We’re excited to welcome Kate/welcome her back as we move into the semester in just a few weeks!

Set up an Appointment with Kate!

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