On Wednesday, September 4th, the Emerson College Career Development Center is bringing to you: Frames for Success: Free Headshots!

It used to be that you if you heard the word headshot you might have immediately thought of actors. Those glossy, matte, black and whites and then later on color photos to help performers get their foot in the door for gigs. Now the headshot is a universal word for folks who want to be seen with a nice image to accompany their online, professional presence.

We know that as students you’ll be seen by future employers, and not just in person. Having an online presence for your professional network is the name of the game. Also, think about our Emerson alumni, who also want to get to know you. Throughout the year students make connections online and a headshot can only up said game.

In today’s working world it’s no longer just about the resume and cover letter. Employers want the big picture (there’s your pun!), i.e., your career path and accomplishments as well as a visual representation of who you are professionally. LinkedIn, online portfolios and websites is where a great headshot can shine.

Ask Yourself This: How might you want them to see you in an interview? How would you dress if you had to give a presentation to clients? How might you represent your company and professional brand at a special event or conference? What’s the go to look you rely on when you’re attending an important meeting?

A photo promoting a Free Headshot event at the Career Development Center on September 4, 2019.

I think you get the point. 😊 Here’s a top three for you:

  1. Balance is key: Make up, hair, and color of clothing should be pleasant and compliment your skin tone, and not be overpowering. You’re the central figure here!
  2. Think about what you enjoy the most about your major and what you want to do. Keeping that drive in mind is always great when you zero in on that lens.
  3. Relax: This may seem opposite to what I shared but don’t overthink how you look. You might become too distracted to smile and look at the camera. Do what you need to do of course to prepare, and let our photographer do the rest!

Finally: For professional headshots you’re still you.

You’re the polished you. The driven, positive professional that you’re confident about. Let it show. So… get photo ready with our Acting Headshot Resource:

A round image with the words “Acting Headshot Resource” written on it.

Acting Headshot Resource

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