September is just around the corner and you know what that means – our Internship Fair is in a little over 6 weeks! To help prepare for the Fair, and to give you the scoop on its attendees, we’re starting earlier with a spotlight on one of our favorite local marketing groups offering internships right now!

I recently sat down with Catherine Garcia, 451’s HR Coordinator and our point person for internships, to explore a bit more about the company and what it has to offer Emerson students in terms of the day to day, the culture, and responsibility. Speaking as a marketing professional myself, I was floored by the opportunities Agency 451 affords its interns and by the development they have to offer aspiring young marketers.

Who is Agency 451?

For those who don’t know, Agency 451 is a marketing agency that had a portfolio of clients including Yankee Candle, Hood, Au Bon Pain, and many other big names both nationally and locally. They’re the ones responsible for those hilariously effective candles labeled under “Man Candles” (this includes the Mmm, Bacon scent and, my personal favorite, Man Town).

As Catherine explains, they have a dedication to “exceed[ing] clients’ expectations” through targeted marketing campaigns which exhibit creativity and strong, market-based research.

What is their office like?

“We’re definitely growing, Catherine explained. They are currently centralized in their Boston location (conveniently placed in the heart of the North End on Washington Street – right across from the Garden) but are looking to expand into New York and Los Angeles areas as well. In terms of their office structure, Catherine calls it a “mini Google,” noting the red colors splashed around their office in addition to the bean bag chairs spotted throughout. 451 strives to create a creative space that provides employees with more than a drab office environment.

Their office inhabits a few floors yet the connection between departments holds strong as 451 holds many team meetings (aka hands-on meetings where everyone comes together to discuss their current project status for the month) and provides several outings to keep everyone connected and collaborative.

I definitely never felt intimidated,” Catherine reflects, noting how the office environment presented her with something far more casual and inviting than other workspaces might.

What about their culture?

“I would describe the company culture as welcoming, friendly, and inviting.”

451, again, strives to connect employees within a collaborative work experience that values everyone’s contributions. The office location makes for some great outings between employees. The culture ultimately encourages friendliness paired with support to uphold excellent team values.

What are their internships like?

Agency 451 offers a terrifically unique internship experiences. Between opportunities in PR for national campaigns, PR for hospitality, social media, research marketing, internal marketing, & creative services, there are a lot of specific areas for students to really hone in on their skills and develop their portfolio. And that’s really what this group is all about: Professional Development.

Catherine described the resources they’re developing for interns between our own burgeoning job shadow program and 451’s own guide to professionalism, a how-to for corporate communication geared to help interns fully grasp their place in the workplace. All of this makes an intern not only qualified for the day-in, day-out of 451 but also preps them for life after their internship.

In terms of specific experiences, Catherine described a very unique approach to 451’s intern program through the following example:

“One thing that I think is really cool about our internship program is that the interns each semester are paired up with a nonprofit organization. So, for example, last semester is was Girls Inc. of Lynn – they basically help young girls with social development, emotional development, and physical development… [Interns] actually got to work with someone from Girls Inc. on their marketing goals… Our interns, their goal, was to basically set up a plan for them that they could use for the future. They don’t actually execute the plan but they give all of the deliverables to the client and present their strategy in a big, final presentation.”

Something like this provides not only a ton of hands-on experience but also helps build a portfolio and develop skills applicable to any workplace beyond 451. As for opportunities beyond an internship, Catherine explains that 451 always remembers their interns and values hard work as they continue to develop new positions. Lasting impressions go a long way!

Agency 451 will be at the Internship Fair on October 5th. RSVP Now!