Starting your semester can sometimes feel like a blur between stacks of syllabi (that’s seriously the plural form of syllabus), the many laborious welcome emails, and stacks on stacks of events. It’s a little tiring, to say the least.

So let’s not go too far into driving this point home – I wanted to take a quick second to point out some resources that might be helpful for the first few weeks back:

1. Hot Lists:

Hot Lists are bi-weekly email blasts we send out to different career communities. They’re made up of different featured jobs & internships we share throughout the semester and, as far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the coolest things we do for students through Careerbuzz. You’ll be getting your first Hot List next week based on your major but feel free to opt into any of our Career Communities (Arts & Entertainment, Multimedia Production, Writing & Publishing, etc.) to receive opportunities from a variety of different industries/interest areas! Customize your Career Community now!

2. Career Resources:

You probably know this already but we host quite a few career resources here on Careerbuzz. I recommend checking the front page of the Resources section in the first few weeks you’re here. I’m curating it to meet your early-in-the-semester needs (i.e. resume/cover letter writing and, my personal favorite, finding Resume Action Verbs).

3. Workshops & Events:

Believe it or not, we’ve already got quite a few workshops and events lined up, including our Internship Fair on October 5th. Registration is open for many of these events right now! Get in there and secure your spot early!

That’s it for now – short and sweet and to the point. Be on the lookout for more articles throughout the semester as we continue to promote key internships and opportunities along with advice and career news for your career community!

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