Are you looking to enhance the Skills section on your resume? Or, do you want to brush up on a particular program for a project or internship you’re interested in? Employers seek candidates with skills required for the position, but having additional relevant skills makes you even more employable. Additionally, many skills are now desired for a wider range of positions than they once were.

LinkedIn’s library covers a wide range of topics, including: video, design, audio + music, and 3D + animation. Within each topic are several Learning Paths, each of which includes a number of videos covering content on that path.

The Learning Paths feature tutorials on specific relevant software programs, as well as courses on theory in that area. For example, one of the Learning Paths is “Become a Video Editor.” Among the 35 hours of course material, you will find shorter tutorials on topics such as The History of Film & Video Editing, Premiere Pro CC 2015 Essential Training, and Introduction to Video Color Correction.

Next time you find yourself with some free time (rare, we know!), hop over to and see what you could learn!

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