Conover Tuttle Pace is an advertising and PR agency unlike any other. Emphasizing a dedication to the human spirit, CTP promotes a creative and inclusive working environment that supports more than your skills and professional development – it supports you, the actual person behind all of the hard work.

But who exactly is CTP?

Well, they’re an advertising and PR agency based in Boston’s North End focused on turning data-driven insights into award-winning work and measurable results for clients. They’re a company looking to support authentic engagement amongst consumers by speaking to their interests, listing to their desires, and responding to their worries. In short: They’re a company that cares about the human response to marketing.

To give you an idea of what they represent, here are their values shared by Jenny Love, their Director of Talent and culture:

  1. Actually have values. All too often these exercises in corporate motivation are just blather. But you can feel the difference between a place that exists solely to generate revenue, and a company with a desire to stand for something more lasting and valuable. Guess which one we are?
  2. Be skeptical. Ponder. Ask questions. Consider other angles, opinions, solutions.
  3. Do not be an order taker. Our agency exists primarily to help solve the business challenges of our clients. But if they could solve them with their own ideas, they’d never come to us. So challenge dogma, yourself, reality. And instead of “No,” try asking “What if?”
  4. Seek balance. Nothing lasting comes from extremes. So while passion, dedication, and intensity will always drive the way we work, never forget to stop, take a breath, hydrate, and for God’s sakes, take care of yourself. We strive for an atmosphere of compassion and understanding, with each other and ourselves.
  5. Be amazed. By people. Technology. Books. Art. Your pets. When you are amazed by life, and your place in it, being ordinary is no longer an option. Nor is complacency. Or boredom. We want a workplace, and team, that devours life, from the beautiful to the bizarre.
  6. Make new mistakes. It’s a healthy by-product of risk-taking and bold exploration. So please, it’s okay to screw up every now and then. Just don’t make the same mistake twice.
  7. Listen. Yes we are experts. Yes we have strong opinions. Yes we looooooooove to talk. But when you can really hear what is being asked, then your answers have value beyond words. Don’t laugh, this is harder than you think.
  8. Practice the Golden Rule. Not to get all biblical here, but this one is big. And if practiced well, with our clients and each other, can make what we do feel so much better. So keep it simple, treat others like you want to be treated. Be honest. Help out. Smile. And just see what you get in return.

In addition to these values, CTP promotes personal wellness through a series of Mind, Body, and Spirit activities meant to encourage CTPers to explore new areas and challenge themselves. This includes professional development classes/seminars, wellness seminars, a relaxation room, and quarterly team building events.

Still not sure of who CTP is? Check out the words they live by: By consistently presenting opportunities for employees to endlessly explore their creativity as well as their holistic growth, our employees recognize that CTP places great emphasis on our most valuable asset… our people.

CTP will be at the Internship Fair on October 5th between 12:30 & 3:30pm in the Bobbi Brown & Steven Plofker Gym (Piano Row). Check out their Internships!