It’s January 23rd. The deadline for For-Credit Internships has passed once again and yet, as I continue to check into my administrative account on Handshake, I keep finding countless opportunities coming our way every day. It’d be a shame if those opportunities just… you know… passed away.

So what am I getting at here? Well, maybe it’s time to expand your view a little bit, whether it’s for career-related research or maybe you have some free time this semester that you’re still looking to fill. Whatever it is that’s making you search for internships (or read this article) – I’m here to tell you that… you should keep your eyes open!

And here are a few reasons why…

You Can Still Do A PDE

Professional Development Experiences (PDE) are a unique opportunity we offer here. I covered them back in the Summer and tried to include everything that’s special about them but basically what you need to know is that they are 1 credit internships that require less of a time commitment on your end. I consider them like a Diet Internship™ that, strangely enough, has a later deadline than 4 or 8 Credit internships. The deadline for registering a PDE is April 10th.

Click here to learn more about our PDE Guidelines!


Summer Isn’t That Far Away

I mean… it might feel like it is. But it really isn’t, you know?

Just consider that, in the past two weeks, I’ve had over 100 Summer Internships come through our office. That’s, like… a lot of opportunity just sitting there right now. I highly recommend you start your research for some Summer Internships in the next few weeks as more positions are going to open up. Check out our Featured Internships to start!

Be Creative in Your Search & Decision

It’s easy enough to say for someone to be creative but in this case I’m serious: There are a lot of opportunities out there from Handshake and other job boards (, Indeed, and even Google has its own internship finder). Use multiple sources for your search and think: What am I looking to do?

Be sure to check out position descriptions and responsibilities. Trust me – there are positions out there that might seem like an unlikely match but, in reality, might be your true calling. Consider the industries you’re interested, the values that drive you as a person, and what you’ve enjoyed doing work-wise in the past. These are all major considerations in figuring out what kind of work you’re going to pursue. (I mean, hey, it’s how I found my career/true-calling or whatever.)

But the best way to get in touch with opportunities and refine your search is to stop by our office and meet with one of our Career Counselors.

Click here to schedule an appointment with our office!

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