Greetings Graduate Students!

For those who don’t know me, my name is Jessica Chance and I work with the graduate students of Emerson College for career development. This includes career exploration, networking, preparation for interviews, and the best ways to position yourself for internships and jobs. With the rigor of your programs and many time commitments, it’s important to make contact with our office as soon as possible. If you’re starting to think about your job search, or just what your plans will be after graduation, don’t hesitate to make an appointment!

Your Toolkit for Opportunities

There’s no shortage of advice from folks in the arts and communication, serving up recipes designed for career success. The reality is that everyone has a piece of the truth when it comes to finding the right career fit. The key is to know where to begin.

Each semester we provide info to new and returning students about our resources and how they’re designed to serve your career path. As graduate students, you have a finite amount of time to get all done, so of course, it’s no surprise that you might feel rushed to have it all together asap. Here’s where Career Services has some great resources ready for you:

Skills, Talents and How To Use Them

Some great ideas, stories, and experiences are shared when you’re in graduate school. During undergrad years you were still learning about yourself, interests, even career paths to avoid. Then there are gap years, years abroad, or time spent on a first job where you got some solid field experience. At this point, you’ve entered new territory and it’s time to hone in on what makes you tick. This is where a solid resume and cover letter comes in. Need some examples? Check out:

How To Write a Resume

Action Verbs

Cover Letters

Marketing Materials

I’m not talking about a course project, but the marketing materials that are about YOU. Years ago it was just about a resume. Now? That’s only half the puzzle. We offer guides on:


Professional Communication


Who, What, Where, When How

80% of jobs are found through contacts. “Networking”. “Connections”. The words are buzzed around constantly but you might be wondering what it all means. A good place to start is to think about the steps, the language and the art that is networking. Check out our guide on Networking for more information.

Your Campus

Our library, graduate lounge, dining hall are all places where you can spend some time after work or before class if you’re in the area. While your schedule is fairly different from undergrads, don’t be a stranger and by all means, remember that this your campus. Also, know that at career services we offer walk in hours for graduate students from 4-6pm on Thursdays and from 1-3pm on Fridays.

Curious to know more about what’s going on for grad students? Check out GradLife for more info and be sure to follow!

Here’s to YOUR career success!

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