It is spring break and you have earned it! Unwind, enjoy your travels, eat good food, catch up on laundry at your parents’ house, but don’t forget to set some time aside to work on your career development. With summer job and internship applications opening, the 3/29 Job & Internship Fair fast approaching, and only 8 weeks left until the end of the semester – here are 5 career-oriented things you can do over spring break, while you are having fun and relaxing:

1.) Polish your materials: Update your resume or cover letter, check out our resources, or consider setting up an appointment with Career Services, we are available during spring break for in-person, phone or Skype appointments (sign into Handshake with your Emerson credentials, click on career center and then appointments)

2.) Organize your work: Have you considered setting up a website, sites like WIX, Squarespace, and WordPress are great – here are some tips. Do you want to update or create your LinkedIn Profile and include examples of your work, here is a checklist. Have you been thinking about creating a reel, here are some suggestions for filmmakers.

3.) Network: You should always be networking (you never know who you will meet), but you can make a more concerted effort over spring break. Are there any Emerson alum you can informationally interview in person (if they are local) or via phone/Skype/email? Do your friends or family (or their friends or family) work in your field/s of interest? You can use this time to learn from others, what made them successful? What are some trends happening in the industry? Do they have any suggestions on things you can work on or develop? Check out these resources on how to connect with Emerson alumni, professional communication and informational interviewing.

4.) Become an expert: Are you interested in a particular industry or city? Research, research, research. Taking the time to learn about an industry or location will help you be more directed in your internship or job search. Who are the top employers in the field? Who is doing work that you are most interested in? Are there certain cities that are better for your line of work than others?

5.) Learn a new skill: Take advantage of free online courses from places like LinkedIn Learning, EdX, and Coursera. Watch a Ted Talk. Listen to a podcast. Download an educational app. Practice a program, type of software or piece of equipment you have familiarity with but want to improve.

See you in a week!

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