Felicia Pride ’05

Felicia Pride, MA 2005

Bio: Felicia Pride began her writing career at five years old when she wrote a book about a family of dogs, who were renowned roller-skaters. When that didn’t translate into overnight success, she went on to become an entertainment journalist and write several additional books, including a YA novel and the essay collection, The Message: 100 Life Lessons from Hip-Hop’s Greatest Songs. In between, she taught freshman comp for ten years at various colleges, started and closed a consulting business, and slummed in several major cities. Since it became clear that she collected tons of stories, the Baltimore native moved to Los Angeles to pursue film and television writing. By day, she worked as a film distribution exec, and in 2016, she was selected as a Film Independent Screenwriting Fellow. The feature film that she developed in the program is slated for production this year. In 2017, she was chosen as one of eight writers for NBC’s Writers on the Verge and now focuses on writing character-driven dramedies that center messy, rebounding leads confronting the American dream. Felicia’s also the founder of thecreatedaily.com and @weforreal. She holds an M.A. in writing and publishing from Emerson College.

How did Emerson (via an experience and/or faculty or staff member) help shape you as a professional writer?:

Emerson was my first foray into really studying my craft. Emerson gave me the space and time to do just that. I had wonderful professors, some of whom I’m still in contact with years later. I’ve also been able to connect with alumni here in LA and have found that support system to be valuable. In fact, I hope to connect with more alumni.

Congratulations on your acceptance to NBC’s Writers on The Verge program! Can you tell us a little bit about your experience so far?:

Thank you! The experience has been amazing. For those who may not know, its a program designed to prepare emerging television writers for staffing on a television show. It has been such an honor to work with the wonderful team who run Writers on the Verge – committed professionals who work very hard to support talent in front of and behind the camera. It’s also be wonderful learning from the other super talented writers in the program, as well as the showrunners and executives we’ve met. I’ve learned and grown so much as a writer and professional and I owe that growth to the program. I’m excited and ready to fully launch my career writing for television.

What made you start The Create Daily?:

As a creator, I realized that many of us struggle with supporting ourselves, actually creating, and going after opportunity. I wanted to start a resource that would help us in securing opportunity, so The Create Daily was born. I had a million ideas that it could be, but I stripped it down to, “what can I start now?” So I began by sending one email a day with one opportunity. And that’s been the core service since I first started The Create Daily in 2012.

Your work has covered topics such as youth outreach, HIV/AIDS education, and Women’s Rights. Are there other topics you’d like to cover in the future and, if so, why?:

Right now I’m super focused on representation – centering people of color, especially black people, in my film/tv/digital projects. In addition to doing this in the pilots and feature films I’m developing, I recently started a project called we for real, where I’m telling stories centering people of color. Right now, I’m telling stories using stock photography as a way to provide three-dimensionality to an often flat representation, which can be seen as a metaphor as sorts.

What does representation for womxn mean to you?:

It means representation for all womxn in all sectors in all ways. It means having womxn in positions of power, as decision makers. It means having womxn tell their own stories and speak for themselves. It means womxn supporting other womxn, especially those who are marginalized.

Who is your dream partner to collaborate with on a project and why?:

Oh, so many people. But at this moment? Jordan Peele. Get Out is brilliant. I can’t get enough.

Every time it comes on HBO, I have to watch.