Meet ActBlue, a unique non-profit that offers a new way of donating to political campaigns. Having raised over $2 billion for running Democrats, they offer premiere fundraising software that empowers small-dollar donors by making their contributions as simple and easy as possible.

We caught up with Tory Corless and the team from ActBlue in advance of their upcoming attendance at our Internship and Career Fair

Tell us a bit about ActBlue got its start:

ActBlue was founded in 2004 by two scientists who believed in the idea that folks could chip in $5 or $10 online and truly have an impact on elections across the country, not just mega-donors. During this time, progressives across America were thinking about how they could use their skills and expertise to help the country, and that is precisely what inspired Ben Rahn and Matt DeBergalis to create ActBlue.

What started out as a one-room startup operation in Harvard Square has grown into a 78-person organization with two offices (and we’re still growing)!

What is the problem ActBlue is working to solve?:

ActBlue is working to take the big money influence out of politics by giving small-dollar donors a chance to make their voices heard. We also democratize access to cutting-edge fundraising technology with our scalable tools! Our work aims to empower small-dollar donors to truly have an impact on campaigns and causes that they are passionate about by making it easy to donate. Every piece of work that is done at ActBlue touches on that mission in one way or another — from our tech team building Apple Pay integrations to our customer service team helping donors update their credit card information, we are here to support our donors and give them a seamless donation experience.

What is the company culture like at ActBlue?:

The company culture is very dynamic in that we have a laid-back office culture but we also take our work very seriously. As a mission-based organization, everyone who works here is passionate and invested in the outcomes of our work and we all work together to achieve the goals we share. We are hard workers but we also value an occasional in-office ping-pong match over office beers after a Friday staff meeting. One of my favorite things about ActBlue is that I can come to the office as my full self; there is no in-office me and out-of-office me. At ActBlue, we value the individual because everyone brings their own personality, perspective, and ideas to the table and despite our differences, we share a common goal and mission which is what brings us together!

What are some examples of opportunities at ActBlue?:

Opportunities at ActBlue range from tech-focused roles to customer service to writing-intensive work to campaign and organization account management to legal compliance to building relationships with other groups in the progressive space.
As a growing organization, there is plenty of room to expand your work and your role. We have had multiple interns receive job offers following their graduations and their roles have continued to expand as our work has advanced over the years. We’ve also had many employees start out in entry-level positions and work their way up to leadership positions over time.

How can students prepare for positions with ActBlue?:

There is no typical candidate that applies to ActBlue or that gets hired at ActBlue. The common threads are that you have a mission-based mindset, you’re a hard worker, and have proven yourself to be a valuable teammate in past experiences.

Ahead of an interview, it’s always helpful to familiarize yourself with the current political landscape and how small-dollar donors fit into that narrative.

ActBlue will be at the Internship & Career Fair on March 29th. Check out which other employers will be attending!