Hero4Hire is a three-time Emmy-nominated, full-service production company specializing in animation, mixed media, motion graphics, and visual effects. In short: They’re a top-notch production house with work that stands on the cutting edge of their industry.

Plus, they’re the home of not one but two Emerson alumni: Hero4Hire’s co-owner and Executive Producer, Allison Dressler Kramer is a graduate from 2001 and their Producer, Meaghan Carroll is a graduate from 2006.

We caught up with the hiring team at Hero4Hire for a spotlight on their company and the work they do in advance of our upcoming Internship & Career Fair. Check out what they had to share!

If you could describe your company’s goal in one phrase, what would it be?:

Saving the world one production at a time.

How would you describe the culture at Hero4Hire Creative?:

The culture at Hero4Hire Creative can be described as collaborative, hard-working with a good work/life balance. Our staff is composed of highly skilled, multi-talented individuals who give their all every single day and at night we want them to go home and recharge. To promote a positive work environment and team unity, we frequently host special activities and events for our team. On Fridays we order pizzas and our entire staff sits and eats together. Hero4Hire Creative is focused on creating high-quality content while ensuring a positive work environment for our staff.

How large is the company?:

Hero4Hire Creative has a staff ranging from 15-20 people. Our studio is located in the first commercial building in historic downtown Waltham. Our main room has an open concept where designers, animators and producers work and collaborate.

What are some goals you company actively works to achieve?:

We are always trying to get to the next level creatively. We are constantly experimenting with new techniques and styles of animation.

What interests you in Emerson students specifically?

Emerson students tend to be well-trained in their area of interest. They are creative, hard-working, and deeply passionate about their work… Emerson is a small community with students that are hardworking, passionate and intensely focused on their given major. We have partnered with Emerson because this is the type of energy we look for in our staff.

How can students prepare for positions with Hero4Hire?:

Students should secure Internships as early as possible. The more internships the better. Students should gain experience working on anything related to their major including student projects. Any and every experience is good. Before students graduate they should put together a solid portfolio or demo reel to showcase their work.

Hero4Hire Creative will be at the Internship & Career Fair on March 29th:

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