The concepts of sincerity and personal value can feel like they’re thrown to the wayside in a world of business to consumer or business to business companies. Time is money, says the old principle of running a business, but what if the goal of a company was less to run a business than it was to make some social change? What if the company you worked for had a goal that went beyond a clear return on investment or profit margin? What if you worked for a non-profit?

You may have heard the non-profit label before and may not have understood what it exactly meant. For the layman, non-profits are organizations that are driven by the need to advocate a social or institutional cause through the business they conduct. In other words: They have a different agenda than for-profit companies as they’re more goals-driven than they are profit-focused.

Non-Profit Week is our chance to feature this sector in ways that illustrate its innate value to our socially conscious students, including those who have made their own strides toward challenging the Emerson culture and community. It’s our chance to say, You can get paid to make a difference.

Join us for a series of workshops, stories, and resources coming out next week and feel free to reach out with any non-profit questions!

Upcoming Events:

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