I’m not a huge fan of puns. But I am a huge fan of convenience. So if you’re here for puns, I’m sorry, but if you’re here to learn how a few online resources can make your life that much easier, then you’re in luck. Let’s cover a few known details about our office as a starter. Career Services is your source for…

  • Career Education & Exploration: Preparing you for the workforce and exploring your interests or skills in ways you may not have considered.
  • Professional Material Review: Offering some feedback on how you’re presenting your experience and skill set to best reflect your interest and objective.
  • Internship Preparation: Supporting your search efforts and championing your efforts with helpful notes and strategies.

Plus, as a reminder, we’re also here to offer any support pertaining to your career, your industry, or any of your professional goals. And the best part?

You can connect with us anywhere!

That might sound like a bold statement but think about this:

Handshake is mobile friendly: In addition to having their site optimized for mobile users, Handshake offers a mobile app available for both Apple and Android devices. Downloading this app is a super helpful way to take your career search on the go and to schedule appointments between hours of homework (or hours of fun). Check out their quick trailer for the app below.

All of our Resources are online: Hey, did you lose something from our office? No worries! There’s a 99% chance that whatever you received from our office is online – just head over to our Resources section on Careerbuzz and you’ll be met with a wide library of different guides, lists, or “cheat sheets” to check out. This is the perfect start for anyone who might be nervous about stopping by our office in person as we’re working to bring more information directly to you! Check out these guides as a starter…

You can (literally) connect with us from anywhere: One little-known fact is that we offer more than just in-person appointments. Head over to Handshake and select the Appointments tab and you’ll see a few different options for the medium you’d like to meet with us over, including phone and Skype-based appointments. Again, this is super helpful for those who might find difficulty heading over to 216 Tremont Street and for those who may find it easier to connect virtually given their schedule. We’re available during normal business hours and we’re happy to accommodate your request for speaking with us, regardless of which medium we conduct it over!

All of this in mind, we are here to offer our services to whatever time, location, or medium serves you best.

Schedule your appointment today!

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