Graduating from the place you’ve called home for the past few years can feel a little bit like being cut loose. It’s easy to take a look at the world outside of Emerson College and see it as some insurmountable challenge you’re hardly prepped to navigate but it’s better to look at things this way:

You made it this far. You graduated. Now what?

Emerson College Alumni are defined not only by the unique experiences they’ve had in downtown Boston but are also defined by a distinctive spirit that comes from being an Emersonian. It’s a sense of individuality and determination that, despite any fears of “adulting”, always shines through. But we get it — that can be hard to think about when next week’s bills are due so, in an effort to give you some next steps and remind you of what Career Services has to offer, here are a few next steps you can take as a recent graduate:

1. Meet with Your Career Counselor

All recent graduates are entitled to a major-specific Career Counselor up to 5 years out from graduation. Meet with a counselor who can advise you on which steps will benefit your career plan and help land your next professional opportunity. Appointments can be scheduled online and our office is open year round, including Summer.

2. Update Your Email on Handshake

Emerson College email addresses remain active for one year after graduation. You can learn more about your email after graduation in this handy support article from IT.

Knowing that your email has a limited lifetime, Career Services takes steps as early as possible to transition your current Handshake account off of your Emerson email address and onto a permanent external email address, such as a personal GMail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account. This process will begin next week, June 12th — keep an eye out for an email coming your way!

Remember: It’s best to continue using your current account as all of your preferences and experiences can personalize your experience and support your application if your account is made public.

3. Join the Jobs for Emerson College Alumni Group

Have you ever wished there was a place where Career Services could share alumni-submitted positions along with featured opportunities? You’re in luck — just join the Jobs for Emerson College Alumni Group on Facebook.

Career Services shares a steady stream of exclusive opportunities specifically directed toward our alumni each week with added pieces of information about upcoming events relevant to alums based in Boston, New York, or Los Angeles.

Joining this group can be a great way of moving forward in your career search but don’t forget to network and connect with a massive network of alumni by joining the Emerson Mafia group on Facebook as well (but you didn’t hear it from us…)

No matter what, Career Services is here to help. You can always count on our office to serve you the best in career advice and support. Remember to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns that come up over the next few months but, most important of all… Have a fantastic Summer. You deserve it.

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