Greetings Emerson College Alumni! I hope you have some great summer plans ahead.

They say one of the best ways to get through busy, sometimes challenging days is to have something to look forward to, be it grand or short and sweet!

Why Tuesday Tips?

Throughout the year we have the opportunity to partner with and support alumni for programs and your own career needs. Summer Tuesday Tips is a way to provide career advice and updates about career services to the Emerson alumni community during a time when folks might be reflecting on career and what to add to the toolkit. You might also be curious about our current initiatives and projects and seeking a way to work with us.

A Quick Review

For those of you unfamiliar with Tuesday Tips, take a look back at some of our posts to get a sense of what we’re sharing. We not only want you to be part of the career conversations happening over here on Boston’s campus, but to know what employers want, to get more education on mentorship to students, and the yearly, monthly, and even weekly responsibility of managing your brand.

How to Use Career Services

Back in May, we provided a series of posts for the senior class of 2018 about services for alumni. There are some myths out there about what we offer to alumni, whether recent or if you graduated 10 years ago. Here’s a quick rundown for you:

1.You have resources for life: This includes industry guides, use of CareerBuzz, and use of Handshake for your job search.

2. You get one on one support: Alumni of Emerson receive three sessions per year. Some examples of what we offer: Assessment, interview coaching, career exploration, and personal branding.

3. These are YOUR resources and we welcome YOUR input. On CareerBuzz you’ll notice that we have alumni spotlights, where we interview alumni as a means to celebrate your accomplishments to provide education and inspiration to fellow alumni and current students. CareerBuzz is also a resource where you can tailor the information to meet your needs.

Have questions or suggestions? Email us at or call at 617-824-8586. We’d love to hear from you!

Jessica Chance, Class of 2000

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