At Emerson, we’re big fans of the word “connections”. So much of the work in arts and communication is about making the best connections for the next gig, project, productions, etc. The word “Connections” can take on a few different meanings though. Sometimes it’s just about connecting to a resource, a new way of looking at a career or connecting to a community beyond your day-to-day job. See below for some examples on our latest Tuesday Tips: Career Connections.

Case #1: It’s important to note to students and alumni that we provide career transitional support for those on the east and west coast. For someone like John, we usually recommend that he first and foremost visit a career counselor to develop a job search strategy in line with industry expectations. The time between graduation and finding a job can be stressful so we look for ways to keep him motivated and accountable for his job search while advising him on ways to reconnect with former supervisors and colleagues from past jobs and internships. The ELA center is a resource for connecting LA alumni with one another so we’re sure to connect alumni with ELA. We often talk about the topic of “strong and weak” ties, as a way to help folks prioritize their connections, to get more insight on this aspect of networking, read our April post here. We understand the pressure recent grads might feel so remember that you’re not on an island by yourself once you graduate. Between getting acquainted (or re-acquainted) with a city and staying career ready for your industry, you know where to find us!

Case #2: It’s never too late to do some career exploration. What does this look like? It’s a combination of things, one of which is through conversations with people in fields of interest, career assessments, and removing any myths or pre-conceived notions about career changers. Sure, Betsey may have seen the results of poorly planned job searches, but that shouldn’t stop her from exploring what might be next for her and expanding her network, which is where career services comes in. On LinkedIn, there are currently over 39,000 alumni listed, and we maintain relationships with alumni and industry professionals. Part of one’s search for a next move should always involve networking and asking the right questions about what’s needed to go into a certain field and the skills needed to be successful.

Case #3: Part of what we would advise Tara on is using her existing network so she can find like-minded people, and re-establish a community for herself. There are many organizations for professionals of color, as well as meetups, panels and gatherings designed for the purpose of being empowered, and developing a support system of peers and allies. We have people in our own Emerson community doing this kind of work and have resources in place to get students and alumni thinking about the groups and opportunities to take advantage of. While it takes time to develop that community, Tara can start with her own Emerson resources, that are available for life.

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