It may be nearing the end of July, but you still have valuable time to gain experience before you head back to Emerson! Your time away from classes, clubs, and other commitments is a great opportunity to make connections in your industry of interest. Read on to learn about PDEs and how one may benefit you.

What is a PDE?

A PDE (Professional Development Experience) is an opportunity to earn one credit for an experience that is providing you with career-related skills and knowledge. To qualify, you must be able to complete 50 hours over a 2-12 week period within the semester that the PDE is registered.

Why Should I do a PDE?

A PDE is a great way to earn credit for a professional experience, with a smaller time commitment than a 4 or 8-credit internship. Also, if you’re a sophomore, you may qualify, as you only need to have completed 2 semesters of college, as opposed to an internship for credit, which requires junior standing. PDEs are a great way to network with professionals in your field, gain relevant skills, and build your resume.

When do I have to submit my approval paperwork?

The deadline for summer PDEs is July 31. Learn how to submit your Experience Proposal here.

Looking for more information? FAQs about credit-bearing internships/PDEs can be found here.

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