Those who follow our Emerson College Internships group know that Fall Internship season is in full swing. Opportunities have been coming in by the dozens as employers are working through applications to offer interviews and, in some cases, full-fledged offer letters. Those who have been lucky enough to receive the latter will be pleased to know that Fall Internship Proposals are currently live in Handshake.

Translation: It’s time to submit your for-credit internships for final approval!

Let’s make a few things clear for those who might be new to the process:

For-Credit Internships must be approved by Career Services and your Departmental Internship Coordinator. Those of you considering a 4-credit internship should know that your internship requires a commitment between 16-24 hours per week and must fall within the start and end dates of the semester.

All for-credit internship seekers must enroll in the 499 (or 690 for Grad Students) course in their major.

Feeling lost?

It’s okay — we understand. That’s why we created the Internships page on Careerbuzz to answer your burning questions. On there you’ll find all the info you need to make sure you’re internship meets the bill for this Fall along with a video showing how you should submit your Internship Proposal.

Be sure to review all the documents on this page before submitting your proposal and contact our office if you have any questions!

Submit Your Proposal Before August 30th

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