We’d be surprised if the title of this post didn’t remind you of the all-too-classic “tell us about yourself” question in job interviews. In this case, however, we’re actually referring to our department’s desire to learn more about you. Working in Career Services allows us the opportunity to meet alumni across industries, programs, and years of graduation and we’re always excited to learn more about who you are as an individual. It’s through learning more about you and your professional interests that we can best help you connect with our office and get set up on Handshake, our system for jobs, internships, and appointments.

Our goal is to look out for YOU. So, with that being said, here are some top reasons for why you should start the conversation by setting up your profile on Handshake:

Great information prior to meetings with a career counselor.

Our time with you is super important. To make the most of it, if there’s any background info, questions and thoughts you have prior to your meeting, let us know in the various sections of your appointment request. We enjoy exploring careers and strategizing with you so any career-related topics you can share with us in advance is super helpful. Sharing this information allows you (and us) to remember and reflect on past jobs that provide some context to your work history.

Whether its bumps in the road, milestones, challenges, and accomplishments, the more you can fill out your job history, it gives us (and you) a clear picture of where you’ve been so we can determine where you need to go.

Updating your profile helps us keep current contact information on you.

We recognize the value of resources like LinkedIn, as it helps us connect and reconnect with alum if you changed jobs or moved recently. All the more reason to have this up to date info in Handshake. If you want to stay informed about events and job opportunities, help us keep your contact info current so you stay in the know.

Use Handshake as a tool to review different job titles, types of job descriptions, and generate a list of potential employers.

Technology has evolved that job searches are far more manageable than they used to be. Remember that Handshake lets you tailor your profile for the types of jobs you’re looking for. Stay focused and organized.

Polish your professional brand.

Handshake also gives you the opportunity to share your profile with employers who specifically want to recruit at Emerson. Until you’ve done the work with your counselor on how you want to present yourself, you can keep this private until it’s ready to debut.

Have questions about Handshake? We want to hear from you! Email us at careers@emerson.edu!

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