Pixwel is a boutique post-production agency responsible for one of the most popular distribution platforms in all of the entertainment industry. For those looking for a simpler description, Pixwel is a company that describes itself as “a tight-knit team of software developers, surfers, account executives, film nerds, social activists, musicians, and engineers” all thriving in a fast-paced product development environment. Translation: They’re one seriously cool, seriously chill company working behind an impressive product.

The Pixwel platform serves the motion picture industry by assisting the distribution of marketing campaigns for theatrical and streamed releases. Again, this is cooler than it sounds — these are the people responsible for launching some of the largest marketing campaigns associated with blockbuster hits! This obviously means that Pixwel works with some seriously impressive clients, including some household name studios and artists on the cutting edge.

Keep in mind: This is a company that’s always innovating and always looking for the next step. Pixwel describes it’s product as “perfect today… obsolete tomorrow” to help drive this point home. We’re not saying that the product is lackluster — because clearly, its popularity says otherwise — instead, we’re saying that this is a team that’s excited for the challenge of building an easier tomorrow with an incredible emphasis on innovation and creativity.

Pixwel is not a “stepping-stone” company.

Those who are interested in working for Pixwel should understand that it is not a gateway to filmmaking. This is a company with a clear passion for marketing films and developing trailers — they’re seeking dedicated applicants with a background and interest in post-production specifically. Those who are interested should have some working knowledge and interest in this area before reaching out! Speaking of which…

Please contact Kim Hamilton, kim.hamilton@pixwel.com if you’re interested in joining Pixwel’s team!