Fall 2018 marks a new chapter in our department’s history as we unveil a new vision and image to Emerson’s campus community. Let’s be clear: Our commitment to providing students and alumni with career education and resources shall remain the same. What will change, however, is the way we approach these commitments.

This is the start of Emerson College’s Career Development Center:

The Career Development Center offers more than resume or cover letter reviews. We are a Center meant to forge and promote a meaningful relationship between you, your career path, and our expert staff.

Our service is no longer informed by a laundry list of catch-all career services. Instead, our service is informed by your individual career development and the ways our office can support specific pieces of your larger professional journey. This partially takes the form of appointments and resources but is largely encapsulated by the relationship between you and our career counselors. Your counselor is meant to play many roles throughout your development but their most important job is to serve as one-part coach, offering resources or advice, and one-part cheerleader, offering steadfast support when you need it.

We’re more than an office — we’re a community of career experts attempting to serve students and alumni with the most relevant and personalized service possible.

But why are we changing?

Our office saw record-breaking progress in the previous academic year with over 300 for-credit internships on the books and more than 1,100 individual appointments logged. The past two Internship Fairs have seen the highest attendance in years and our jobs lists continue to grow at a rapid rate.

It’s time to take the next step in delivering our service to you with a new emphasis on digging deeper into our connections. Our positive change has clearly attracted some attention and engagement. Now it’s time to do something with that attention.

We’re here to assist in designing your future by illustrating a complete picture of your career development. Through appointments and active outreach, we’ll assist in identifying the opportunities you should take advantage of as we begin a career-focused conversation that’s sure to follow you throughout your time at Emerson and beyond. Part of this is illustrated by our Career Design initiative launching for First Year students this Fall while another part of it is delivered by our counselors’ consistent outreach and engagement.

The conversation about careers starts this Fall. It’s time to start designing your future.

What’s Next?

The Career Development Center officially launches next week on August 20th. Our announcement this afternoon provides you with our statement on this change and offers a peek at our updated Mission Statement. Before sharing this statement, we would like to thank all Emerson College students, alumni, and campus partners for their continued support of our office and its initiatives. We are excited to serve you throughout this next chapter of our department’s history:

The Career Development Center is the hub for career education, resources, and experiential learning opportunities at Emerson College. The Center empowers students and alumni to realize their potential by providing:

  • Personalized career counseling informed by industry-specific education and shaped by individual professional development.
  • Innovative career development platforms and cutting-edge digital resources featuring on-demand information accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • A robust employer partnership program connecting students and alumni with companies or organizations within Arts & Communications industries in the U.S. and beyond.