Picking up where we left off on Partnering With Us, we want to provide you with specific ways to add to the conversations we have about careers, networking, and having a presence in your field of work. Throughout your career there are plenty of lessons learned and milestones that we know make for some engaging information in our community.

Even though (as we know) students are incredibly busy during their time at Emerson, the learning that they receive beyond the classroom is something they’re always eager for, especially from employers, and of course, alumni like you. Below are some ways to be a part of our never ending, exciting, career conversations!

Spotlight on You

You get your bragging rights right here. Tell us about your most recent achievement, award, project, etc.. Not only do you get to promote work you’re proud of, but this will help you connect with alumni in a similar field, and educate students about what they can do with their degrees. See our current Alumni Spotlights!

Advice to Students

Maybe you have some valuable advice about interviewing or have some tips to share about making the most of an internship or a first job. It’s also important to mention that with all of the books, sites, blogs and podcasts out there, it’s great to get recommendations from alumni about resources they’ve found valuable. We’d love to hear from you about key learning points that you feel are essential for students and alumni planning out their careers. It gives us the opportunity to connect, brainstorm, and of course partner with you, whether it’s for the CareerBuzz blog or other channels.

Your Company

Often we get requests from alumni who would love to see more Emersonians at their company as either interns and/or employees. Needless to say, we want that to. If you’d like to share a “day in the life” post about your company, it’s culture, or what makes it a great place to work, we’re excited about sharing that with students. Let’s work at getting Emerson even more on the map! Contact Anders Croft for more information!

What Else?

Keep in mind that there’s more than one way so share this information. Got a video you’d like to do instead? Go for it. Creative minds will love you for it! We’re open to different mediums, and happy to discuss the ways in which you want to be a part of the conversation 🙂

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