Have you recently had the urge to plan an event, but fear no one will attend? Have you already planned an event for the future, but have no idea how to promote it? You’ve come the right place! Event promotion may seem like the hardest part to event planning because whether your event is professional, educational, public or private, you want the right people to show up. The pressure is on once you have the event planning logistics down.

Here are some quick tips and tricks you can use to successfully promote any form of event you host:

  1. Get social: Social media has it’s universal charm when it comes to communicating with the masses. Creating a hashtag for your event will create a buzz before and after your event. If you are posting any content on your social media channels leading up to your event, be sure to use hashtags and stay consistent in the spelling so that it is easy to track your hashtag usage. #careerfair There are many other intricate techniques for promoting your event with social media; check out this article for more insight.
  2. Creating content: Knowing your audience is key when it comes to creating content for your event. Whether you are creating a social networking event for the comic crew on campus or an event targeted towards professionals, you want to be sure to set a tone that appeals to your guests. I strongly recommend finding a graphic design major on campus to help create your event graphics and or use one of the many free graphic design softwares available that are simple to use. They say never judge a book by it’s cover, but sometimes it happens! Rally them in with an intriguing graphic that expresses the style of the event. Taking it a step further, for the Visual & Media Arts majors and all creatives at heart, create a short video showing clips of what your guests can expect when they attend your event. If you held a similar event in the past, put together a slideshow or video with some background music to promote what is to come!
  3. Reminders: Having your guests register for an event, large or small, will help you manage who and how frequent you need to be sending event reminders out to. You can also schedule emails to be sent to your guests in advance to take the stress off of manually sending out event reminders to each person.
  4. Promote during the event: Use your social media to let peers and anticipated guests you’re targeting aware of the event and share successes that happen throughout the event. Of course, if you are the host of the event, you should consider assigning someone to this task.
  5. Do your research: Let’s get Nerdy. Want to become an expert at all things event promotion? Why google ways to promote an event when you can become an expert at it in little to no time. There are many free ways in which you can learn about event promotion in a more structured setting. Learning the do’s, don’ts and how to’s of event promotion on social media and other channels is crucial in 2018.

We hope the fear of an empty event has left your psyche and you feel more comfortable about event promotion. Give these tips a try this summer and host your own end of summer event!

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