Summer internships are coming to an end and it’s time to ask yourself: How was it?

Taking a moment to reflect on your internship after the fact can help put the pieces of your complete experience together. It’s a great way of looking back on the things you enjoyed about your work while pointing out the parts you would have changed. In short: It’s a valuable exercise that can help shape your future search for jobs or internships as well as others’.

Starting in Spring 2018, our office started putting together an Internship Evaluation folder that shares a collection of Emerson student experiences at a variety of internships.

This is a living resource that’s meant to inform Emerson students’ research on opportunities and employers we’ve worked with in the past. It’s your chance to contribute to a collection of honest and insightful reflections that will assist future generations of students and interns.

So what are you waiting for?

Submit Your Summer Internship Evaluation

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