The First Destination Survey for the Class of 2018 is well underway with May and August graduates sharing an exciting look at what their first steps have been since graduating from Emerson College. It’s time to ask the question: How can we help?

For those who don’t know, the First Destination Survey is an annual report put out by the Career Development Center. The report offers our department a snapshot of how recent graduates have fared in their first six months as alumni. Our results include everything from current employment status to most popular industries to average salaries. Our reports from the last two years can be found online while the report for 2018 is open for recent graduates.

We use the results of this report to provide an accurate representation of Emerson graduates and their career paths. This is our way of looking at the meeting point between the current job market and the success of our alumni to determine areas of improvement in our services and resources. In short: It’s a way of asking not only what your next steps are as an alum but what our next steps are as a part of Student Affairs.

If you are a member of the recently graduated Class of 2018, feel free to share your status through the First Destination Report. If you know someone who recently graduated, encourage them to complete the report! Every piece of information helps 😎

Check out our data from the Class of 2017:

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