Career Design was created to provide students with a framework for designing their career. As a career counselor, I often meet with students for a fairly immediate need, like reviewing a resume for an internship application. However, we are also here to help you with your overall career design. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to design your career path, and to be able to land a great job in your industry when you graduate.

Career Design provides students with four different paths to pursue: Explore, Discover, Experience, and Transition. The suggestions for each path build upon the suggestions for each path before it. Each path has some “required” items to complete that path, while the others are optional; we do encourage you to complete as many as you can, though!

We created Career Design Pathways to not only give you recommended steps to take each year, but also an interactive method of tracking your progress toward your career goal. You’re able to check off items as you complete them, and add additional items if you wish. Each path and every recommendation we’ve provided include a description to help you understand each area.

To make the most of the Career Design Pathways, schedule an appointment with us to talk about your Career Design. We can talk about your current career goals and even give you additional specific recommendations based on the career you wish to pursue. And if you’re unsure what your exact career goals are, that’s ok, too! We can help you explore different career options and talk about some suggestions to help you narrow down your career interests and goals during your time at Emerson. To schedule, simply select the appointment type named after the Career Design path you’re currently pursuing.

For more information, check out our recent blog post, which shares an overview along with a helpful video on how to get started with your Career Design Pathway.

Tell us, what is your career goal? Where do you hope your path will lead you?


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