Anyone familiar with Boston’s music scene knows that there’s a show going on almost every night of the week. Whether it’s downstairs in The Middle East or center stage in TD Garden’s arena, performers and venues are in constant communication throughout the city.

The problem for many years, however, has been the way they’ve been communicating. There are so many platforms and services involved in the booking process that things can become a bit complicated for emerging artists or venues seeking a consistent schedule of performances. But that’s where Gigabit steps in.

The team behind Gigabit offer an app that captures every aspect of the live entertainment business a band or venue have to deal with. They’ve built an all-in-one tool helping artists establish a performance resume, stage plot, and electronic press kit while facilitating booking for venues..

It’s a pitch that, for many artists, seems almost too good to be true. But as Emerson alum Pat Timmons ‘17 confirms, Gigabit’s team is determined to deliver their promise.

Pat recently joined Gigabit as the Director of Marketing after years of building a personal brand vested in music. His work over at Pat on Pop, for example, shows the passion Pat has for working in the music industry and supporting local artists.

Recently, Pat has been behind the updated to Gigabit’s branding, establishing a sleek gradient for a brand that’s as expressive as it is sophisticated. He shares that the culture at Gigabit is incredibly team-focused. The work that every individual contributes is meaningful and impactful in ways that support the business. Pat describes the perfect environment for those interested in working with start-ups — it’s fast, it’s fun, and it has a fantastic impact.

Working with Gigabit as an intern is the perfect way to expose yourself to start-ups in an industry fueled by local artists. From my interview with Pat, he told me that this is why their current internship listings include the word Assistant rather than Intern. “We want to make every intern feel like a valuable and contributing member of the team,” he explains. In other words, your work will matter.

Interns need to hear this more often, especially in roles involving creative work (like both of Gigabit’s roles). Your work will contribute to the success of the brand and, as a result, will help you create an outstanding portfolio that demonstrates value to future employers. It’s the perfect scenario for you — a win-win for those seeking more experience in startups or local marketing.

Be sure to check out Gigabit on Wednesday, October 3rd at the Fall Internship Fair.

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