The mission of the T. Howard Foundation, in its ongoing run of twenty-five years, has been to increase diversity in industries pertaining to multimedia and entertainment. Since starting in 1993, the foundation has matched over 1,100 interns in full-time, paid summer internships. But before we continue, here’s a bit of background:

Over 40 companies have hosted THF interns in the past few years, including media powerhouses such as CBS, CNN, ESPN, Facebook, and The Walt Disney Company. Each company has offered an outstanding internship to candidates going through THF’s intern placement process, a process that reviews your interests, your experience, and what partner companies are looking for in a potential intern. The placement process looks a bit like this…

STEP ONE: Learn More

Attend our Information Session on Thursday, October 25th, from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm to learn more about the foundation and what you can do to stand out as an applicant. A representative from the Foundation will be on-site to answer any questions and provide clearer insight into what to expect in the application and review process.

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Also check out our Spotlight on former T. Howard Interns to learn more about their experience.


Interested interns must apply to the T. Howard Foundations Internship Program before being considered for specific media internships. Those who apply must submit an unofficial college transcript, a completed recommendation form, a resume, answers to several essay questions, and a non-refundable $25 application fee. (This sounds like a lot but remember… this could be the difference between an ongoing internship search and an incredible opportunity with a major network or studio.)

STEP THREE: Interview

The T. Howard Foundation will conduct an interview with prospective interns after the application deadline (10/31 for early applicants; 12/1 for the final deadline). Program staff look for interns who can demonstrate professional conduct, the ability to communicate effectively, and interest in a specific career path.

Knowing something about this final piece can specifically help in the intern placement process. If you’re anxious about an upcoming interview, remember that you can schedule a Mock Interview with our office any time.

NEXT STEPS: Be Patient

The next step comes down to the final review and decision regarding your application. Students who receive the highest scores in their review will be accepted into THF’s Final Applicant Pool which does not guarantee an internship but opens interviews with the foundation’s employer partners. Learn more about the Final Applicant Pool here.

If you’re interested in this opportunity and if there’s one thing we can recommend, it’s touching base with your Career Counselor. Whether you’re putting together your resume for the application or preparing for the interview portion, we can help.

We’ll check in with you to determine your exact goals for this internship along with how you can best work with THF’s networking and professional development resources if (and hopefully when) you are accepted!

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