New York’s Journalism scene is as eclectic as the city itself. Whether you’re looking to write the next investigative breakthrough or coverage of the latest sports game, this is one of the best city’s to leave your penmark in, especially with sources like the New York Post and the nation’s famous NBC Nightly News to work with.

So what’s the difference?

The key difference between these two news sources is their method of delivery (publication versus broadcast) and the styles with which they present their news.

The New York Post, for instance, is a daily newspaper circulating New York City. The modern version of their paper is published in tabloid format, or a more compact size meant to focus on a few key headlines rather than a traditional broadsheet format (which is the large-format paper used by other publishers). The Post has actually been commemorated for this style in the past, earning several spots on the “Greatest Tabloid Headlines” list curated by New York Magazine. Two popular areas of note have been the Post’s comprehensive Sports section as well as its ongoing gossip-page (where editorials and opinion pieces live).

NBC Nightly News, on the other hand, is a nightly broadcast produced in 30 Rockefeller Center seven days a week. More than that, it’s rated as the most-watched network newscast in the United States and, as such, has some pretty big shoes to fill. The show is currently hosted by Lester Holt with additional anchors stepping in for weekend editions of the broadcast. National news is traditionally covered in Nightly News’ line-up with a focus on presenting events, incidents, or stories in a way that’s comprehensible to (and impartial toward) a national audience.

Taking a look at either news source will give you a chance to learn about differing journalism styles but both will earn you some pretty high prestige. As I mentioned, Nightly News is a household name that bears a lot of weight but perhaps less-known is the fact that the New York Post is equally a household name (especially for New Yorkers). The Post has actually earned the merit for being the nation’s oldest continuously published daily newspaper. Regardless of which site you gravitate toward, they’re both solid options for aspiring journalists.

But let’s not stop there:

Both the New York Post and NBC Nightly News have taken to new mediums for sharing news. Those who are more web-savvy or podcast-friendly know the value of sharing content and stories across multiple platforms for different styles of learners/listeners/audience members.

To make their content more accessible (and ultimately more engaging), the Post launched separate sites for gossip ( and entertainment ( as well as the television show, Page Six TV, an on-air program focused on gossip and celebrity news. The Post also manages a Twitter page where they share news throughout the day that’s been published on their main website (where additional content not published in the daily paper lives).

NBC Nightly News, in a similar move, has recently made their broadcasts available as an audio podcast (available on their site) in addition to putting their shows on video-on-demand. The show also manages their own Twitter page to share news throughout the day from their affiliates.

Here’s the point: Most news sources are moving in the direction of making more of their content online and easily accessible throughout the day, regardless of their one-time publication or broadcast. Whether you’re actively perusing the Post’s Twitter or listening to the latest Nightly News broadcast on your phone, both news sources understand that news is constant and must be readily available once a story breaks.

So Where Do You Go?:

The best part for those attending November 9th’s New York Connection is meeting both of these employers where they are. Visiting these sites will give you a clearer perspective of how news operates in the Big Apple between two very different sources adopting similar but unique approaches to sharing their news and style. You won’t need to make an uninformed decision as we’ll meet teams from both companies and you’ll have the chance to learn about their specific opportunities.

The best part for those not attending the New York Connection is being able to learn so much about these sources without ever stepping foot in their office. I’ve referenced or linked to a few things you can check out ahead of your application or contact with either employer, however, the most important part of any communication is knowing who you’re reaching out to. This article offers a great starter’s guide to these two but a more in-depth search can reveal additional information about what makes these two unique, similar, and exciting. A good starting point would be a quick check of the New York Post’s Site compared to NBC Nightly News’ to see their styles and content in action.

Company Addresses:

New York Post
1211 6th Ave, New York, NY 10036

NBC Nightly News
30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY, 10111

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