Did you know Handshake also has an app? Keep Emerson’s Career Services’ resources, job postings, and appointment scheduler at your fingertips by using the app! Free.


You may know that LinkedIn posts jobs and can serve as an active resume and portfolio. Most important, however, may be the networking aspect. Find out who in your network works at the companies you’re interested in, search for Emerson alumni you may be able to contact for information interviews, and give and request recommendations. Free, premium version of LinkedIn is available.


Indeed is job search engine that pulls job postings from all over the internet. It’s a good place to do a quick search, and you can easily sign up for regular alerts for one or more sets of criteria. Free.

Calm or Headspace

Job searching can be stressful! Both Calm and Headspace are meditation apps. Free for limited use, both offer premium versions as well.

Google Apps – Drive, Docs, Sheets

When you’re applying to jobs, you’re constantly tweaking your resume and cover letter. It’s also a good idea to keep track of applications along with contact information and date applied, so that you know when to follow up and who you’ve interacted with. Keeping these apps on your phone can help to keep that information readily accessible whenever you may need it. Free.

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