The NBC Page Program is one of the best opportunities for recent graduates looking to enter the entertainment industry. With a history spanning over 80 years, the Page Program is designed to expose young professionals to a variety of areas beneath the NBCUniversal portfolio in an effort to develop industry-relevant (and industry marketable) skills, knowledge, and hands-on work experience. It’s a program that, in its long lifespan, has attracted and fostered careers for celebrities like Regis Philbin, Ted Koppel, and Aubrey Plaza. (As well as everyone’s favorite fiction Page, Kenneth Parcell from 30 Rock.)

The Page Program is currently accepting applications from December 2018 Grads with an expected start date of February 25, 2019.

Apply to the NBC Page Program

You may also email your resume to Blaine Butler to have it sent to NBC recruiters directly.

About the Program:

The Page Program is a 12-month rotational learning and development experience providing an entry-level working experience in multiple areas of NBCUniversal. NBC Pages will be assigned a number of various assignments that contribute to a unique understanding of how NBCUniversal operates as a global leader in media as well as a business.

This second piece is crucial to those looking for entertainment-focused work after graduation:

Having an understanding of how a major network or studio functions in their day to day will better equip you for similar roles in the future as you get a sense of the specific responsibilities and operations a role like yours might need to play. Plus, many studios and networks require at least 1 year of working experience as a Page, Assistant, or other entry-level role before they’ll consider you for other roles. Becoming a Page will educate you as a professional and qualify you as an applicant.

This has the added benefit of qualifying you for internal roles at NBCUniversal as well. From the official NBC Page Program site, “Upon graduation, Pages become eligible to apply for open roles at NBCUniversal during a 3-month senior ambassadorship period. This post-graduation period is accompanied by special projects, tours, and audience services (New York City) and desk coverage assignments (Los Angeles) to further enhance [your] development.”

Consider reviewing Our Page Program Resource or Making an Appointment before applying.

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