We all have our own biggest fears– whether heights, creepy- crawlies or the dreaded job interview. However, an interview does not have to be scary. With the right preparation, an interview can be as simple as a successful conversation.

There are multiple types of interviews; In-Person Interviews, Group Interviews, Phone Interviews, and Video Interviews. Here are some quick tips for each type to get you prepared for any circumstance.

In- Person Interviews

  • Verbal
    • Maintain natural diction– try not to speed talk or mumble out of nerves!
  • Body Language
    • The employer is listening to your answers and observing how you interact. Establish eye contact and sit up straight to maintain their attention.
    • Certain mannerisms, like fidgeting in a seat, touching your hands or hair insinuates that you are nervous. If you’re prone to having the jitters, try shaking out your hands or squeezing tightly on something before the interview to release energy.
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Group Interviews

  • Listen Intently to Other Speakers
    • It shows positive/ polite interaction in a group setting.
  • Be Respectful
    • Do not speak over anyone or show negativity through body language (roll your eyes) because the employer is observing you too.
  • Maintain Attention
    • When it’s your turn, speak/ act as you would a one-on-one interview and try to give concise answers.

Phone Interviews

  • Act as in Person
    • Even though the employer can only hear your voice, maintaining composure as if you were in person will change the sound of it. Stand or sit up straight and smile when natural in conversation– these things affect your voice and they’ll hear the difference!
  • Speak Clearly
    • Pay attention to how you are articulating your word and the speed you say them, since it can be harder to hear over the phone sometimes.
  • Write a Checklist
    • Jot down some bullets on paper of some key attributes and experience that may be useful to highlight. You can glance down at it to remember the important stuff.
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Video Interviews

  • Act as in Person
    • A recorded or live-streamed interview embodies an In-Person Interview without tangibly needing to be there. Act and speak as you would if the employer was right in front of you.
  • Check Tech Ahead of Time
    • I’m sure we’ve all experienced technical difficulties before. Check your wifi and test audio before the scheduled time so you have room to fix issues before the call.
  • Look at the Camera, Not the Screen
    • Attempt looking at the camera lens in your computer more than you look at the screen to simulate eye contact.
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Hopefully, these tips helped ease the stress of the interview. The Career Development Center also holds mock interviews in appointments that you can schedule right from you Handshake account. See you there!

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