The biggest reason for a student having difficulty securing an internship in Los Angeles is a poorly written resume and cover letter, or application materials that do not target the industry and employer. In the Career Development Center, we can make sure your resume is easy to read, formatted well, and highlights your most relevant skills and experiences. We can also talk to you about how to write a cover letter, and review one you have written to ensure it targets the employer and your qualifications for the position.

If you’re going to ELA next spring, you may have already come in to meet with us to have your resume and cover letter reviewed. If you haven’t come in yet, make sure to schedule an appointment or come to walk-in hours. Also, be sure to review the ELA Spring 2019 Prep Workshop on Canvas – it covers everything from resumes to references.

Even if you already came in to see us about your resume and cover letter, did you know we can provide support for many other topics that will help you before, during, and after your internship in LA?

Some of the other reasons to come to see us are:

  • Interview Prep/Mock Interview – so you put your best foot forward and nail your interviews!
  • Networking/Informational Interview help – did you know an internship is a great way to network?
  • Job Search – what are you plans after ELA? Will you be graduating and looking for a job?

Schedule an appointment with the staff from ELA’s Internships Office 11/26 – 11/30!

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