Ghost Robot, a content studio based in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Neighborhood, has been creating captivating short-form media for their clients since 2005 and has remained on the cutting edge of their industry. I visited their office over the Summer and had a chance to sit down with their Studio Manager to talk about what makes their business tick and just how Emersonians can get their foot in the door at one of the coolest production houses in the city.

Like many companies nowadays, Ghost Robot has embraced the trend of creating a casual yet hard-working office environment where the emphasis is put on collaboration and teamwork. Their work area is an open concept with all level of employees sharing the same space, making it easy to share ideas and socialize with your colleagues. Not to mention the pretty awesome decor, my favorite being the giant (yet slightly freaky) buffalo head in the kitchen 🐃

They’re a small shop that runs lean and mean, but does big things for their clients. The bulk of their business centers around creating music videos for some of today’s hottest entertainers as well as producing short-form movies, Snapchat & Instagram videos and commercials for an impressive client roster including brands like Google, MTV, and Verizon. Interning at Ghost Robot isn’t getting coffee and clicking on Facebook all day, you actually get the chance to go on-set, set up camera and sound equipment and interact with clients. Strong technical skills and an outgoing personality are going to set you ahead of the pack when being considered for their opportunities.

Top Tips to Ace your Application:

  • The first part of the application is the questionnaire, which is a very important way they evaluate potential interns. Make sure you take your time and be prepared to go into detail about your answers if asked in the interview. Some of the questions may be difficult to answer, but go with your gut and try and have fun with it!
  • Your resume is, of course, the best way to describe your past experience and skills that you’ve developed along the way. In addition to summarizing your various internship or job duties, be sure to include bullet points that indicate not just what you did, but what impact your work had on the organization. If you’ve worked on productions for class or a student group be sure to list them in separate “Production Experience” section. Click here to see an example.
  • Lastly, they suggest you have an online portfolio or reel that showcases your work. While your resume and cover letter (or in this case, questionnaire) are great ways to describe your experience, a portfolio actually shows what you’ve done and tells your story. Like the old adage, we’re all familiar with, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Does Ghost Robot sound like a place you want to be? Of course it does! They’re currently accepting applicants for the Winter (January – April) program but welcome applicants for the Summer session as well. Click here to get your application started and be sure to make an appointment with one of our career counselors to get your resume and application materials ready to impress.