The Career Development Center has paused walk-in appointments until the Spring Semester given that many students are entering Finals Mode — that lovely time of year where the Iwasaki Library becomes a second home or your dorm room (/apartment) becomes an honorary Fortress of Solitude. But never fear — Winter Break is almost here! And, despite pausing walk-in’s, we’ll be here all throughout!

So… Now What?

There are a variety of things you could be doing to advance your career development over Break (some of which can be found in our Winter Break blog) but I want to focus on the resources and services you can still take advantage of through our office over Break. (Including information about starting your Internship Search or Submitting an Internship for Credit).

Here are three services that will still be running throughout Winter Break:


Appointments are the Grand Daddy of all Career Development services. (Please remind me never to refer to anything as the Grand Daddy ever again.) We will still be running appointments throughout break, including video or phone-based appointments. Walk-In’s may be paused but our appointments are always here for you to check out (even in the Summer!). Schedule a future appointment today.


We highly encourage you to review some of the internship information we have available on Careerbuzz. Winter Break is a great time to research positions that meet our for-credit internship criteria and it’s an even better opportunity to get the logistics of submitting an internship out of the way before your next semester starts. We’re going to put a big push on this for those looking to have a for-credit internship next semester because the deadline to submit a for-credit internship is January 14th. Get started with the process here.


Employers (and our office) will be working throughout your Winter Break with a renewed focus on recruiting and placement for Spring and Summer. There are a ton of positions being featured now and we’ll continue to promote exclusive opportunities over the next few weeks. Some of the ways to get started include:

Checking out our Resume Books
• Joining our Emerson College Internships Facebook Group
Keeping an eye out for Hot Lists in your inbox!

I’ll also be on-hand to answer any questions that might come up over break. Feel free to send me a quick email, IM, message, tweet, or whatever to check-in if you’re feeling lost!

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