Let’s usher in the New Year with a quick revisit to that Resume you’ve been sending around lately. But first, let’s be clear: Everyone under the sun has their own opinion of what a correct Resume is going to look like. You’ll never have the perfect how-to for putting together a beyond-outstanding resume, but you can get pretty darned close with these general guidelines. (Translation: These are tips that everyone should follow when putting their Resume together.)

Resume Resolutions for 2018:

  • Lose that extra page. Limit your resume to one page to keep things as focused as possible. Speaking from the recruiter’s standpoint, anything beyond a page can indicate that an applicant has padded out their experience with details that might be unnecessary given the span of their career (which, at this point, shouldn’t be very long). Reserve that second page for a future CV somewhere in the next 5 or so years (maybe).
  • Education comes first. Whether you put it first or bury it last, your education is going to be somewhere on your Resume. Start your Resume with your education to be more upfront about what you’ve been doing over the past few years and to communicate that your experience complements your time as a full-time student.
  • Give yourself a STAR this New Year. Follow the STAR Method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) when writing about your contributions to a team or project to better frame your accomplishments. Organizing your achievements into concise and focused bullet points is paramount to your success in marketing your experience.
  • Do your Homework. Know what employers are looking for in a knockout Resume from folx in your industry. Start with our sample resumes on Careerbuzz and be sure to read up on more tips to really hone in on what we think undergrads should have on their resume.
  • Come meet with our office! Remember: We’re here to help… and we’re pretty good at it. Start off your New Year by contacting our office and scheduling an appointment to go over your resume or other topics regarding your career readiness.

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