Both you and I know the gig economy is huge right now. There are literally hundreds of employers seeking creative minds for everything between some simple graphic design to a complete brand overhaul (which should, in many cases, be a hefty paycheck for freelancers). Knowing just how popular this area is becoming, the Career Development Center is streamlining freelance or gig offers from alumni and partner employers to support your search.

Enter… Hire a Lion Positions

Much like the featured jobs board, the Hire a Lion employer page features positions that are seeking Emerson applicants. The difference between this and our current resources, however, is that each of these positions has come from an alum or partner seeking Emerson freelancers specifically and, as such, are only sharing the position through our office. In other words, these are positions that will not be shared with the general public.

This can really give you a leg up when seeking freelance or gig-based work as the market is growing increasingly competitive. Just one quick look at sites like Upwork and Fiverr can show how many creatives are out there looking for work — so consider this a bit more of a refined search with far less competition.

Where Do These Jobs Come From?

Again, many of the positions are shared by alumni who are looking for a quick way to share the word about their gig. Several of the positions that come through may also be recommended by current faculty or staff as they share insider connections with our office to create even more opportunities.

But enough talk — let’s get to the real point:

See Our Current Exclusive Freelance Opps